Family Resources

Our goal is to provide the highest education possible for your children. In order for this to happen, we need to make a seamless connection between the home and the school. The following listed resources have been created just for that reason:


Go Math Website:  This website is very powerful and it gives you information as to how your child is progressing in the grade level math standards. It also re-teaches the skills students need to review, and it prescribes activities for students.


RAZ-KIDS - Students can access books on-line at their level to read. All they need is Internet connectivity. Every Mount Vernon student from grades Kindergarten through 3rd Grade has an account for this fabulous website. This website is funded by the school's PTA


Destination Math - This math program provides access to the grade level standards through on-line tutorials. A virtual instructor ( a robot) supports your child's academics as they interact with the program. The program progresses at your child's pace.