Course Syllabus

LGA Band/Strings 2014-2015

Objectives/Goals:  To become proficient on your instrument while gaining performance experience and making a positive impact on the Lemon Grove Community.

Materials:  Note:  If you cannot provide the following materials, they can/will be provided for you. 

                LGA Music Polo-shirt cost:  $20  

Reeds as needed/cork grease for reed instruments/valve oil for brass instruments/Drumsticks and Drumpads for Percussionists/Violin rosin for strings

Grading: The majority of the grading in this class is from daily participation and performance attendance.  If you miss a performance without prior excuse, your grade will drop one letter for each performance.  Excused absences are family emergencies or other unforeseeable emergencies.  Baseball Practice would not be an excused performance absence.  We need the entire Band for Performances, just as a Baseball Team needs every member in order to play a game. 

Expectations:  Participation with a good attitude!  Students should want to be here!  I shouldn’t have to force students to practice, to want to become better on their instruments in order to improve as an individual and as a group.  If this is not the case, we will need to discuss dropping the class in order to be fair to the group.  Behavioral issues will not be tolerated in this class!  If I see a pattern of negative behaviors, we will remove the student from the class.  Being in Band is a privilege that can easily be taken away. 


Respect!  Be respectfull to everyone…..the Teacher, your Classmates, Yourself, and Your Instrument

 No distracting behavior while we are practicing (this includes any unnecessary noise during rehearsal)

Be prepared (have all materials ready for class) and be responsible for your instrument (take care of your instrument)

Participate…..your grade and the group depends on it (if you are not feeling well, practice w/fingers)

Do not play instruments other than your own (for example….do not go play the drums or someone’s trumpet if you are a clarinet player)

No Horseplay


If a rule is broken, the student will be given a warning, and their name will be written on the board. After the warning, there will be a writing assignment which will be due the following day, signed by the Parent/Guardian.  If after given the writing assignment, the student continues with the negative behavior, a referral will be written and additional consequences will follow (w/ possible removal from the Band).  In breaking certain rules (such as fighting, stealing, or other malicious behavior), the student will bypass the warning process and be given an office referral.

Tentative Performance Schedule:  Please check the Band Calendar part of the webpage and your personal email....also your child's backpack as they should have the flyers with all concert info.

LGA Back to School Night early September  

Helix Middle School Band Night/Homecoming Football Game:  (Band Only)

Wednesday 9-18 6:00-9:00PM (Practice….meet @ Helix HighSchool Football Field w/ instruments, tennis shoes)

Friday 9-20 5:45-7:00PM? (Football Game….meet @ Helix HighSchool Band Room wearing Band t-shirts/jeans)
 Holiday Concert  Dec. 15, 2015 6:00
Hairspray Performance  middle of January two nights
LGA  Open House  Tuesday 3-3 at 5:00
Week of May 26:  (Band/Strings)  Founder’s Day and Drama/Theatre Performances:  a total of three after school performances this week.

Graduation Wednesday June 10  ( Band/Strings) last day of school (this will be during school hours)

Of Course, this is a tentative schedule subject to change.  I am lookingforward to a great year!  Thanks for your support! Remember to check your Powerschool account for grades, etc.

Jason Lipford

(619) 825-5628 ext: 2114