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Grade 6 Social Studies Resources

Study Central Archaeological SitePhotography

The Cave of Lascaux

Ancient Egypt History Egypt's Forgotten Treasures
Mr. Dowling's Ancient Passport Egypt: Secrets of the Ancient World Life in Ancient Egypt Wild Egypt – An Online Safari Funerary Objects
British Museum Mummy section Clickable Mummy Writing What does the Rosetta Stone Say? The Decipherment of Hieroglyphs
 Egyptian NameTranslator Ancient India: The British Museum Indian Elephant King Cobra Natural History Notebooks
Nature: India: Land of the Tiger China - The British Museum's website British Museum: Greece Ancient Egypt Encyclopedia Mythica
Hieroglyphics Hatshepsut: The Queen Who Became King Tutankhamen: Mystery of the Boy King New Kingdom: The Golden Age of Egypt Farming, Houses, and Transportation
Papyrus - The Invention of Paper Ancient Egypt - Three Thousand Years of Civilizaation Egypt and the Nile River The Gift of the Nile The Nile River and the Egyptian Civilization
Farming Along the Nile Gods and Goddesses Pyramids of Egypt The Secrets of the Pyramids The Pharaoh
Mesoamerica Conflict (5.00) Secrets of the Moche (7.00) The Moche Pyramids(4.00) Ancient Mayan Pyramids (5.00) Ancient History: Mesoamerica(7.00)
Jason and the Golden Fleece(7:14) Religion in Ancient Greece (3:08) Mount Olympus and the Gods of Greek Mythology (2:20) Greek Mythology (7:27) Statue of Zeus(2:59)